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Archive for June, 2011

postheadericon Italy and Spain Catching Up in Consolidation Stakes

The multiplex business is eminently scalable: refreshments, staff roles and training, not to mention film product, are all duplicated from site to site. Today’s ongoing migration to digital projection may increase this scalability with the promise of centralising some projection functions. There are substantial benefits to building large circuits with centralised offices and enhanced buying power that can conduct large scale marketing campaigns.

Following on from my last post, Coming Soon: the World’s First 10,000 Screen Circuit?, it’s interesting to look at levels of concentration in the major Continental European markets in 2010.

Top 3 Circuits: % Share of Screens

It is notable that Italy and Spain lag Germany and France in terms of the share of screens operated by the top three circuits in each country. Which neatly contextualises the spate of recent consolidation activity in these territories: Cineworld’s purchase of Cinesur (Cineworld’s Spanish Venture: Buy When There’s Blood In The Streets?); Odeon UCI’s acquisition of UGC’s Spanish cinemas and two sites from Coliseo; its purchases of the UGC and Vis Pathe circuits in Italy and, most recently, 51 screens from Giometti in a deal due to close this month. It is Spain and Italy which have offered the greatest opportunity to buy choice assets which can be combined to form larger, more profitable circuits. By our calculations, it looks as though the top three Italian circuits will control a minimum of 20% of Italian screens by the end of 2011, the top three in Spain a quarter of all screens in Spain – nearly the current level in France and Germany.