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postheadericon 3D Ticket Prices Outpaced by 2D, IMAX

For our recently published report, 3D Cinema 2011, we looked at changes in ticket prices in a number of key world cities since our previous report 18 months ago. The table below shows Saturday night ticket prices to a recently released Hollywood movie in a selected cinema in five major cities.

From it we can conclude a number of points.

Tickets in Mexico City were the cheapest, falling between $5 and $8 for standard 2D and 3D performances. The most consistently expensive city was Tokyo where ticket prices were between $23 and $29, although the most expensive tickets of all were found in Moscow where young thrill-seeking audiences are paying almost $30 for an IMAX 3D ticket.

With the exception of Tokyo, 2D ticket prices rose by more than the cost of 3D ticket between May 2010 and August 2011. It looks as though the widespread prediction that 2D ticket prices will catch up with 3D is coming true. In this scenario 3D was an experiment to test how much customers would pay for a ticket.

There are signs that the new point of differentiation is going to be IMAX. In Moscow and London IMAX ticket costs have soared – in Moscow IMAX ticket prices rose by 70% in local currency terms. This also goes some way to explaining the rash of exhibitors currently developing their own giant screen formats.

Price data below is shown in US$ for ease of comparison; however, percentage increases between the two dates are also shown based on local currency to eliminate the distorting effect of US$ weakness over the period.

Cinema Ticket Prices 2010-2011

Source: Dodona Research